The Main Event - The Gasparilla Concours d'Elegance


​​​Saturday, November 7, 2020


The most rare, original, historically important automobiles and motorcycles will be judged  and on display.

​​​This is the only true Concours d'Elegance for Tampa, and the name "Gasparilla" is synonymous with the Tampa Bay area's most famous social season. 

Tampa's Gasparilla festivities begin in January every year, since 1904, celebrating the legend of the invasion of the city by the fictional (or not!) pirate Jose Gaspar. The mayor of Tampa relinquishes the keys to the city, and we are invaded by a pirate ship filled with hundreds of the cities finest business people and founding families of Tampa, all in the name of fun and charity. The Mardi Gras styled event draws hundreds of thousands of spectators. If you include the many additional events associated with the Gasparilla season, there are millions of participants and spectators involved with Gasparilla. ​

Now we bring you the newest addition to Tampa's festivities... the Gasparilla Concours d'Elegance


It's not just about the cars


It's also about those who benefit from our efforts

Proceeds benefit the beautiful kids at Shriners Hospital for Children.   ​The Gasparilla Concours d'Elegance is committed to purchasing customized wheelchairs, orthotic and prosthetic services for the benefit of kids in need. We want our supporters to see exactly where their charitable dollars are going! A display of these wheelchairs will be on hand Friday and Saturday. 

It's about giving them a voice, to be heard, to be understood, to be supported and appreciated.

These young people are capable of doing great things, once we give them the tools they need to do so. Last year we heard the beautiful voice of an America's Got Talent Finalist, Kechi Okwuchi; we heard the talented guitarist, singer songwriter Ali MacManus; we heard the journey of Leigh Dittman who has raised $1 million for Shriners Hospital in Tampa; we heard from many more Patient Ambassadors just like these talented young ladies who have excelled because Shriners Healthcare for Children gave them the opportunities to do so.

It's about introducing a different way to gauge history through these automotive timepieces.

 What you can expect from a proper Concours d'Elegance are the vehicles you would not normally see, and even some cars who have never been shown in public. The goal is to share with the public the timepieces of history that made our country and our culture through the progression of the automotive industry. 

It's about our Community

Most Concours d'Elegances around the country, and the world, have an exclusivity that prices the average person away from participating or viewing these great classic cars. Pebble Beach Concours tickets vary from $375-$2,500. Amelia Island tickets are $100-$775. We make sure that ticket prices are affordable for the average family, $25 at the gate and less in advance, and even allow free admission for children under 16 with a paying adult. 


  • Is admission included with the VIP Tent Pass? Yes, and 30 minutes early admission as well!
  • Can I register my car at the gate for the Saturday Concours? No, the Concours on Saturday is invitation only, and you must nominate your vehicle by filling out an application and submitting it to the Selection Committee by the deadline.
  • Can I register my car onsite for the Friday Night "Cars in the Park"? No, you must have advanced registration to bring your car on the field Friday night. All collectible cars are invited,and there is no fee for the car, just for each person in the car. Registration closesNovember 1, 2020, and you must have tickets purchased for each occupant of the car at time of registration.
  • Do I receive my tickets by mail or email? No, your payment confirmation is all you need. Your name will be on a list at the main gate. 
  • How do we get food on Friday and/or Saturday? There will be food trucks. VIP Tent Pass-holders will have continuous catered food included with their pass.
  • Where are the restrooms located? We will  have a large air conditioned restroom trailer with handicap access located on the field. VIP Tent Pass-holders will have a private air conditioned restroom within their VIP area.
  • Is this event Handicap Accessible? Yes! 

Car show vs concours d'elegance

Both Great...Just Different


We love a good car show! We have attended hundreds and even produced many ourselves. But a Concours d’Elegance is something very different. It is an invitation only event, where the owners of the vehicles must apply to be included in the event. A selection committee evaluates the applications, and chooses the vehicles that best exemplify the criteria. The criteria include an emphasis on originality, the quality of any restorations done, it’s unique and rare qualities, historical importance, and of course the “wow” factor. Concours’ are philanthropic, usually include a 501c3 foundation, and the proceeds benefit charitable organizations. Organizers and Volunteers are not in it to make a profit.

Car shows generally allow anyone willing to pay the registration fee to join in, and that would include hot rods, modified cars, exotic and modern cars, none of which you would see in a Concours. It is simply a different business model. There are instances where a car show promoter will affix a Concours name to their car show to elevate the perception of the event, but without adhering to the standards of a Concours, it is simply misleading to the public.

What you can expect from a proper Concours d'Elegance are the vehicles you would not normally see, and even some cars who have never been shown in public. The goal is to share with the public the timepieces of history that made our country and our culture through the progression of the automotive industry.

We include our fabulous, valuable and interesting hot rods, resto mods, exotics and other great additions to the automotive story by inviting them to participate in the Friday Night "Cars in the Park" Cocktail Party and Charity Auction. This is where you will find a completely different automotive experience, with cars just as rare and unique and wonderful to behold.

Please join us on Friday or Saturday for an exciting weekend of automotive excellence.