Pull out grandma's clothes from the attic, it's time for the

Vintage Fashion Show

It's all just for fun, so join us in remembering a time gone by, where elegance and good form were cherished as a way of life.

Concours Participants

 The vehicles to be judged at the Concours will receive an extra point on their judging tabulation if the owners/representatives are dressed in era correct clothing when the car is being judged! 

Contact Us

Let us know in advance that you plan to dress in vintage clothing and we will be sure to send the photographers and the judging panel, so you can walk the red carpet for everyone to enjoy. Be prepared to tell us a little about your era, and your car. Are these clothes that were actually owned by an older relative? Did you put together an outfit to pay homage to someone you admire from the past? Are you matching the car you brought for display? Don't worry, if you don't want to talk in public, just let the judges know so we can have the announcer speak on your behalf. It's all just good fun! If you have a car being judged in the Concours, you will receive an extra point for participating on the Vintage Fashion Show!